2nd Leduc Court of Honor


2nd Leduc Cubs and Venturers held our first annual Court of Honor on Friday April 24 at the Lions Club campground. Three of our Cubs РDean Kopfensteiner , Isaac Pollard and Elijah Pollard were honored for earning their 6 stars and all three received plaques for their job well done. The Venturers РBrandon Saitz Jordan Saitz, Wyatt Carr and Savannah Roberts were honored with handmade antler awards made by Scouter Tom for a successful survivor man challenge and  Wyatt Car was awarded with his next level within the BSA movement, Wyatt is now a life scouter.

Life is second-highest rank attainable and ranks above Star Scout and below Eagle. Life is awarded when the Scout serves actively in the troop, team or crew, serves in a position of responsibility for six months, and performs six hours of community service.[6] Another thing a Scout must do in order to achieve Life is earn an additional five merit badges (three of which are required for the rank of Eagle), to make a minimum total of eleven merit badges (including the six previously required for Star). Finally, the Scout must pass a Scoutmaster conference, and board of review. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ranks_in_the_Boy_Scouts_of_America)

One last thing that was presented this evening was each of the cub and Venturer youth were presented with campfire ashes that have a pedigree that trails all the way back to the original scouting movement on Brownlee Island.