No No’s and Safety


  • Never, and I repeat, NEVER allow cast iron to sit in water or allow water to stand in or on it. It will rust despite a good coating.
  • Never use soap on cast iron. The soap will get into the pores of the metal and won’t come out very easy, but will return to taint your next meal, though. If soap is used accidentally, the oven should be put through the pretreatment procedure, including removal of the present coating.
  • Do not place an empty cast iron pan or oven over a hot fire. Aluminum and many other metals can tolerate it better but cast iron will crack or warp, ruining it.
  • Do not get in a hurry to heat cast iron, you will end up with burn’t food or a damaged oven or pan.
  • Never put cold liquid into a very hot cast iron pan or oven. They will crack on the spot!

–     It’s easier to heat cast iron then to cool.



–     Dutch Ovens are very hot even though they may not look it.

–     Oven temperatures can be in excess of 500 F / 260 C

–     ALWAYS be aware of the Oven, the fire, the briquets and surroundings

–     ALWAYS have available

–        water and/or extinguisher

–        fire retarded service to place Oven

–        proper equipment to tend to cooking

–        First Aid kit

–        NO horseplay