Dutch Oven Size and Serving Capacities

Dutch Oven Charts - Dutch Oven size and Serving Capacities

Briquette Vs Temp

Use only quality charcoal briquettes for consistent temperature control. (We highly recommend Kingsford.) The chart below is a guide for how many briquettes to use for a desired temperature. As a rule of thumb to achieve 350 degrees: Take the size of the oven and use that number of briquettes plus four for the top and that number less four for the bottom. For example, with 12″ oven you would place 12+4=16 briquettes on the top and 12-4=8 briquettes on the bottom. Adding one set of briquettes (one on top and one on bottom) will raise the temperature of the Dutch Oven approximately 25 degrees. Or conversely removing one set of briquettes will lower the temperature by 25 degrees.

Dutch Oven Charts - Briquette vs Temp

Note: The above numbers are guidelines only. The actual number required will vary depending on temperature and wind conditions. Use a thermometer and adjust the number of briquettes as needed.